Cimento Vase 02

Cimento Vase 02


Handcrafted vase in a lightweight cement-based mixture.
Inner-surface glazed to hold water.
Handwash inner-surface, spot-clean outer surface.
Priced per vase.
Made in Portugal.

8" W x 8" D x 6 1/2" H

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All pieces are proudly crafted by hand. As such, quantities are limited but possibly already in production - Feel free to email if you're looking for additional quantities.

Note that as pieces are made by hand and by nature, every piece will be slightly different with beautiful imperfections.


Meet the Maker :
Jorge Carreira for Vicara

Jorge takes a holistic approach to design and is hands-on through the process from conception to creation in a variety of materials. His ‘cimento’ (cement) collection featured within LUSITANO1143 is a good example of his experimental and organic approach with materials as these pieces use concrete as a base, freeing the designer from the kiln.

Jorge has a Masters in Product Design and has exhibited his work in Portugal and Paris. He was born in Guimarães to the north east of Porto, a heartland of Portugal’s design renaissance.