Folar Fruit Bowl

Folar Fruit Bowl

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Exploring a minimalist, geometric aesthetic in which the eye is drawn to symmetry and smooth lines, ceramist Cécile Mestelan draws on ancient tribal inspirations to create a collection that feels as once modern and timeless.

Earthenware bowl with a gloss white glaze.
Handcrafted in Lisbon's Campo de Ourique district, Portugal.
Food safe, dishwasher safe. Does not include succulents. 

Approx 8 1/4" W x 8 1/4" D x 3" H

(21cm x 21cm x 8cm)

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All pieces are proudly crafted by hand. As such, quantities are limited but possibly already in production - Feel free to email if you're looking for additional quantities.

Note that as pieces are made by hand and by nature, every piece will be slightly different with beautiful imperfections.

Meet the Maker : 
Cécile Mestelan

Cécile's work explores a minimalist, geometric aesthetic in which plaster, marble, and ceramics draw in the eye to texture, symmetry and smooth lines. 

Her influences are global and truly eclectic including the endless column of Brancusi (Romania), the Kachina dolls of the Hopi people (Arizona, US) and the art brut painter Augustin Lesage of Cécile’s native France.

Perfect for the home where items are explored over months and years, Cécile’s work aims to encourage high interaction as the individual comes close to a small object with large significance that they examine, explore and uncover over time.

A true European spirit, Cécile Mestelan was born in France, graduated from Lausanne, Switzerland, and now lives and works in Lisbon.