Loch BlueGray Stonewashed Linen Bedding

Loch BlueGray Stonewashed Linen Bedding

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A good night’s sleep is essential and a cozy lie-in is the ultimate luxury. Named one of the best "Wondrous Wares" for your home by Monocle Magazine, our new bedding collection helps you make every sleeping moment count.

Guimarães in the north of Portugal has been a global center of textile quality since the 1700s, and we've partnered with a family of fourth-generation weavers who draw on this heritage as we introduce a line of soft, high-quality linen bedding.

Crafted with Belgian linen that is cool and breathable in the Summer while  snug and comfortable in Winter,  we worked directly with Sara Lima of Amalia to present this collection of casual, exquisitely soft bedding to bring your bedroom to the next level of truly luxurious Portuguese comfort.

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100% Sustainable, soft, stonewashed belgian linen, certified by the eco-conscious "Masters of Linen"®.

Crafted with organic, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial linen, certified by "Oeko-Tex"® for its environmentally friendly production. 

Naturally heat-regulating, can hold up to 20% of moisture without feeling damp to the touch. Cools in summer, warms in winter.

Dyed and washed in small batches, allowing for beautiful depth and variation in color.

Made in Portugal by family-owned, fourth-generation producers.

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Linen Pillowcases

A set of two pillowcases with an envelope fold to one side featuring hemstitch embroidery for a timeless feel. We kept them slightly oversized for a relaxed look that softens with every wash.

Linen Shams

A set of two shams, each slightly oversized for a relaxed look with an envelope fold to one side featuring linen ties for an artisinal feel.

Linen Top Sheet

A top sheet layered over a duvet showing its classic hemstitch embroidery creates a welcoming bed.

Linen Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet with a 17" depth and elasticated corners keeps the sheet snug while you have a deserved sleep.

Linen Duvet Cover

Our duvet cover features practical elements such as a button closure and ties inside on all four corners to keep your comforter where it should, but it is elevated to an antique rustic feel with a row of decorative tie closures.

Bedding Sets

To help you make your best bed possible, we grouped pieces into handy sets and gave them a special price.

Snooze Set: Top + Fitted + Pillowcases
$548 - $616, $685 - $770
Nap Set: Duvet + Shams
$512 - $568, $640 - $710
REM Set: Top + Fitted + Pillowcases + Shams
$1,060 - $1184, $1,325 - $1,480

Learn more about the "Masters of Linen"® Certification:
Grand Prix Auguste Lumière, Le creusot 2011, LE DAUPHIN D’OR 2011
Direction: Benoît Millot, Writting+Images: Sébastien Jousse, Benoît Millot, Production: Good ideas, Thibault Martin

Amalia Home Collection + LUSITANO1143

Named after the great-great-grandmother of the newest generation, Amalia is the culmination of nearly 100 years of experience in textiles. Family-owned and run since its launch in 1922, with this heritage comes a thirst for innovation and a focus on socially and ecological responsibility. 

LUSITANO1143 worked directly with Sara Lima, fourth-generation if you’re counting, in this introduction of bedding to our site. We hope this collection of casual, exquisitely soft bedding will bring your bedroom to the next level of truly luxurious Portuguese comfort.


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