SãoPedro06 Pillow

SãoPedro06 Pillow

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For our first collaboration with Teresa Gameiro, each piece of the São Pedro Collection was completely handwoven on a manual loom by women in the São Pedro region of Portugal - where both our families are from. Having long abandoned their looms because of the diminished interest of industrialization, we invited this tight-knight group of women to return once again and create with us a collection inspired by the beaches and forests of our childhood.

Front and back of pillow is handwoven continuously in cotton, finished with a zipper. Machine wash cold, air dry.
Shown with included 12"x16" down stuffer.

Approx 12" W x 16" H (30cm W x 40cm H)

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All pieces are proudly crafted by hand. As such, quantities are limited but possibly already in production - Feel free to email support@lusitano1143.com if you're looking for additional quantities.

Note that as pieces are made by hand and by nature, every piece will be slightly different with beautiful imperfections.



Teresa Gameiro

Having explored textiles in her native Portugal and Italy, Teresa Gameiro returned home to discover her family's roots in weaving and formed a connection with the women of her mother and grandmother's generation that had abandoned their looms long ago - asking them to teach her the ways of humble craft throughout Portugal's small villages.

 Teresa has become a champion of Portuguese craft, using local know-how to create environmentally sustainable products with a connection the past while looking to the future.