Terry Cotton Bath Towels

Terry Cotton Bath Towels

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Perfectly simple with superior softness and absorbency,  these 600gms Terry Cotton Bath Towels feel luxurious and get the job done. Crafted from 100% pre-shrunk combed cotton, these medium-weight towels finished with cotton piping along the edges for a clean look.

Guimarães in the north of Portugal has been a global center of textile quality since the 1700s, and we've partnered with a family of fourth-generation weavers who draw on this heritage as we introduce this line of clean and simple Terry Cotton Bath Towels.

Face Cloth   12' x 12"
Hand Towel   20" x 30"
Bath Towel   28" x 52"
Body Sheet   40" x 72"

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Meet the Maker : Amalia Home Collection

Named after the great-great-grandmother of the newest generation, Amalia is the culmination of nearly 100 years of experience in textiles. Family-owned and run since its launch in 1922, with this heritage comes a thirst for innovation and a focus on socially and ecological responsibility. 

LUSITANO1143 worked directly with Sara Lima, fourth-generation if you’re counting, in this introduction of bedding to our site. We hope this collection of casual, exquisitely soft bedding will bring your bedroom to the next level of truly luxurious Portuguese comfort.


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