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Gift Guide

The holiday time around the world is one of our favorite times. We love the smiles it brings and the connection it establishes but finding that perfect treat is never easy!  To help we've put together a few of our favorite things - some tried-and-true handcrafted suggestions from our artisans to you. And remember, all with FREE SHIPPING and FREE GIFT-WRAP.

Feliz Natal and Happy Holidays!
From our family to yours.


For Mom 

Andorinha Serving Bowl 

A Portuguese symbol of family and harmony, swallows mate for life and always return to the same spot every year to nest - treat Mom with a visit to your original nest and hand over this perfect piece!

Ceramic serving bowl in a soft white with blue swallows.
Handcrafted in Lisbon's Alcântara district, Portugal.
Dishwasher safe.

For Dad 

Cerne Decanter 

The Dad-ready decanter is handblown glass created from the absent core of a tree trunk - the tree lives on as it continues to wear with each decanter produced. Holds up to 1L of liquid, our preference is an oaky bourbon (sadly not included...) and is shipped in its own custom made wooden box.

Handblown glass decanter with wood/cork cap.
Handcrafted in the Centro Region of Portugal.

For the Boss 

Trapeza Paul Vase 

How to make the right impression? Minimalist and geometric, the Trapeza Paul Vase is stylish, sophisticated and versatile enough for any home.

Earthenware vase with a satin soft-white glaze.
Handcrafted in Lisbon's Campo de Ourique district, Portugal.

For the Teacher 

Soft White Esbelta Coffee Mug

No average mug for those special teachers who make a real impact. With a finish that is luxurious to the touch but tough enough to go right in the dishwasher, the Esbelta Coffee Mug is the perfect gift for those that put up with the daily antics of the most curious students.

Ceramic mug in soft white with a semi-gloss glaze.
Handcrafted in Lisbon's Alcântara district.
Dishwasher safe.

For the host(ess) 

Totem Vases - set of 3

Instead of showing up with the usual bottle of wine, present a unique gift that complements just about any decor.

Earthenware vases with white gloss glaze.
Handcrafted in Lisbon's Campo de Ourique district.
Set of 3.

Under $150 

Cimento Vase2

With great presence and nice scale, the cement texture of this surprisingly light-weight vase is the perfect foil for lush flowers and tall branches. The lucky gift recipient can use it as a dinner table focal point or among a cluster of pieces on a sideboard. 

Handcrafted vase in a lightweight cement-based mixture.
Inner-surface glazed as to hold water.

Under $100 

Ramo Bowls (set of 2)

Made from molds of strawberry branches, the Ramo Bowl set is a unique catch-all for when you enter your home, or a nice candy bowl in a living room. Indulge! We won't tell. 

Soft white porcelain bowls - outer surface with a matte texture,
inner surface with a food-safe gloss glaze.
Handcrafted in Almeirim, Portugal.

Under $50 

Ramo Small Vase

We love this natural branch texture on the Small Ramo porcelain vase. Cast from a mold of strawberry branches, the matte finish vase is a great gift that looks special on its own or enhanced with some bright blooms. Shown here with the Ramo Large Vase.

Feliz Festas! Happy Holidays!
from LUSITANO1143