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The Makers

The collection at LUSITANO is curated from a group of designers and makers working in Portugal. Their approaches are unique and the individual items sold here are representative of a moment in time within their works.


Anna Morgado 

For Anna Morgado experimentation is an essential part of the journey from concept to final product. This is key to her "Raw" collection, where each piece is handbuilt bit by bit with iberian clay, by hand, as each piece is crafted as a sculpture. They might be functional objects, but the artist's hand remains defiantly present.

Portuguese and Brazilian, Anna now lives and works in Lisbon.

Eneida Tavares for VIcara

Named a "graduate to watch" by Monocle Magazine, Eneida's work is an exploration of her European experiences and African heritage. Growing up across the Tejo river from Lisbon with Angolan and Cape Verdian parents, her work reflects this multi-faceted environment in her "Caruma" collection : traditional Angolan basketry traditions partner with ceramic techniques perfected in Caldas da Rainha where Tavares works - a town with a heritage in ceramics dating back to ancient times. 

Eneida Tavares completed her MA in product design at ESAD and has exhibited her work throughout Europe and South America. She's also formed Estúdio Mulato with fellow LUSITANO1143 artisan Jorge Carreira.


Photo by Alice Bernardo

Photo by Alice Bernardo

Margarida Fernandes 

Margarida’s inspiration comes from her time at the apron strings of her Grandmother whose home-building and traditional craft in the kitchen influences the creative process.

Her work hones in on the simplicity of Portuguese living with a collection that centers around culinary pursuits – items for food, cooking and kitchen.

Margarida’s studio, where she works along with her husband, is based in LX Factory, a former manufacturing plant experiencing a new lease of life as a hub of enterprise and creative culture in Lisbon’s Alcântara district. 

Cécile Mestelan 

Cécile's work explores a minimalist, geometric aesthetic in which plaster, marble, and ceramics draw in the eye to texture, symmetry and smooth lines. 

Her influences are global and truly eclectic including the endless column of Brancusi (Romania), the Kachina dolls of the Hopi people (Arizona, US) and the art brut painter Augustin Lesage of Cécile’s native France.

Perfect for the home where items are explored over months and years, Cécile’s work aims to encourage high interaction as the individual comes close to a small object with large significance that they examine, explore and uncover over time.

A true European spirit, Cécile Mestelan was born in France, graduated from Lausanne, Switzerland, and now lives and works in Lisbon.

Photo by  Emmy Martens

Photo by Emmy Martens

Photo by Vicara

Photo by Vicara

Samuel Reis for Vicara 

Samuel's greatest inspiration is the natural world around him as he explores nature’s forms and authentic, organic materials through his work.

Samuel sees nature as the creative agent. He considers himself a “re-collector” aiming to capture and re-cast natural forms in new ways using alternative materials allowing an extension of natural textures and shapes to a longer life in the home

Samuel Reis was born in Lagos on Portugal’s southern coast. He graduated in industrial and product design.


Jorge Carreira for Vicara

Jorge takes a holistic approach to design and is hands-on through the process from conception to creation in a variety of materials. His ‘cimento’ (cement) collection featured within LUSITANO1143 is a good example of his experimental and organic approach with materials as these pieces use concrete as a base, freeing the designer from the kiln.

Jorge has a Masters in Product Design and has exhibited his work in Portugal and Paris.

Jorge Carreira is a Portuguese product designer born in Guimarães to the north east of Porto, a heartland of Portugal’s design renaissance.

Photo by Vicara

Photo by Vicara


O João e a Maria

Studio O João e a Maria represents a world of contrasts and comparisons. Two generations, two designers lending two perspectives to one studio and collection.

These rich points of view bring to life a collection of objects that are truly unique and bring a sense of Portugal’s many


Paula Valentim  

Living and working in a small Portuguese town in the Santarém region, Paula creates beautiful porcelain pieces grounded on her connection to simplicity and nature - a vast departure from her previous corporate life.

Casting directly from branches and other natural elements, her work now strengthens her connection to nature through curiosity and inspiration from the world around her.

Photo by Noticias Magazine

Photo by Noticias Magazine

Gonçalo Prudêncio 

Gonçalo’s design work follows a unique process he calls ‘dreamality’ in which an aspiration, a vision, is conceived then explored to become more practical and ultimately aims to bridge both form and function in the best possible way. 

Proudly Portuguese, much of Gonçalo’s work and business promotes and protects business and creativity within his home country. His interests and work range across furniture, product design, urban planning and architecture.

Gonçalo Prudêncio works from Sintra, Lisbon’s historic, UNESCO world heritage site and studied design in both in Lisbon and Milan.

Teresa Gameiro 

Having explored textiles in Italy and her native Portugal, Teresa Gameiro is a real champion of Portuguese craft, using local know-how to create environmentally sustainable, high quality products with a connection the past.

The weavers creating Teresa's designs live across Portugal’s small towns and villages, carrying on the original methods of production on the same looms they've used for decades.


De Alma e Coração

A design studio that focuses on photography, video, architecture, and events - De Alma e Coração has a sophisticated point of view that showcases the soul of Portugal and its people.

As they say, "Around a table comes a good meal, comes up a new story to be told, arises a new delicacy to be tasted and several moments to be remembered. It all begins at the table because that is where it is lived another story De Alma e Coração (with the heart and the soul)".

After partnering with leading national and international businesses including a multi-faceted relationship with KINFOLK, we're thrilled to showcase their lifestyle imagery on LUSITANO1143 where noted.

Discover more of their work on their website.