Alentejo Heavyweight Linen Pillow Sapphire

Alentejo Heavyweight Linen Pillow Sapphire


For such a small country, Portugal has a multitude of landscapes. One of my favorites is the relaxed Alentejo region - Lazy afternoons spent driving through the expansive rolling hills filled with cork oaks, or the sand roads in the seaside protected forests, these will forever be my happy place. Peaceful, simple, and exactly what we all need. The Alentejo Collection draws on this philosophy, featuring simple patterns in a heavier weight European linen with a great feel in the hand and an envelope back.

Handcrafted in Central Portugal. For best results, handwash cold and air-dry flat.

Approx 20" W x 20" D, includes premium stuffer.

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How are they made? The (very) old-fashioned way.

Launching Lusitano Studio, my mission was to create a brand that ethically supported Portuguese artisans and helped to keep craft strong. Our new Stonewashed Linen Pillow Collections build on this focus. Working with 3rd generation seamstresses that especialize in a Portuguese version of patchwork, each pillow is hours of effort in hand-cutting panels to craft each pattern. These traditions have been part of our families for generations, I hope they bring just as much joy to yours.

As all pieces are proudly crafted by hand quantities are limited but possibly already in production. If you're looking for additional quantities, email us or sign-up for the waitlist.

Note that as pieces are made by hand and by nature, every piece will be slightly different with beautiful imperfections.